Evolving Roles of Youth: Global Talent Mobility

Date: 27-28 July 2019 Time: 9AM 

Venue: Heritage Hall, UTAR(Kampar)

Mr. Stan Lee

Future Customer Digital Engagement
Convedge Sdn. Bhd

Mr Stan is the CEO of Convedge Sdn Bhd, a proud Malaysian establishment that has been at the forefront of BigData Analytics locally & regionally. His assistance in numerous local & regional customers engagement & implementation of their BigData projects has given him vast experiences & industrial know how in advising organisations who want to move towards a truly Data Driven Business. BigData has always been a subject of interest to bigger conglomerates & MNCs, as the value of data-driven business insights are very significant in helping businesses increase overall sales & minimising operation costs. The same values benefit SMEs (Small & Medium Enterprises) too, with the right mindset and infrastructure readiness. His extensive knowledge & practical experience are extremely valuable assets that will benefit SME business owners along their Data Driven Business Model (DDBM) journey. 

In his session, Stan will provide; 

 1) Why DDBM is critical for SME 

2) How can SME produce their DDBM blueprint 

3) What are the available resources for SME to start DDBM 

4) What to look out for in this DDBM journey. 

Mr Stan has presented more than 400 public speeches in seminars, training, public events, radio station (BFM) & business TV series (Astro AEC) covering various aspects of BigData Analytics ranging from awareness to advocating the benefits of this future business of technology.